WSMMG is an GTA based Company  serving both Greater Toronto Area and it sorroundings. We have been in business since 2000 and constantly strive to give our customers the best quality printing and designing at great affordable prices.

We specialize in large orders such as printing fast food menus for mass distribution. We also provide all our customers access to our in house graphic designer.

You are always more than welcome to stop by and sit down to chat with the owner or the designer about your projects.

See you soon,

The WSMMG Team

WSMMG is dedicated to strengthening the impression of everything our clients do, across all forms of brand, media and retail communication. We utilize all available tools shown in the capabilities circle at left to develop and implement creative strategies and visual solutions for business, brand and product success.


We are strategic: we take an innovative, creative, curious and open-minded approach to project and process, evaluate and re-evaluate while seeking out new opportunities for the future.

Our Values

We care: about our clients, our profession, the world and how we can make a difference.


We are real: we understand and respect our clients, their concerns and honestly evaluate how we can maximize their growth and success.


We promote your brand as though it is ours and maximizing your return on investment is our top priority.